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What is GoogleSnips?

GoogleSnips uses some "advanced" Google searches to help you find open directories or shared files (aka the music you want!). These searches are not a secret (take a look at the results to see how it is done), however, it is much easier to remember GoogleSnips.com than these searches. This site was created to make it easier for me to find the files I am looking for, and now you can too by using GoogleSnips search.

Why use GoogleSnips?

P2P and BT networks are being monitored, using Google you can download the files you want more safely. You are simply following a link, interesting how it leads directly to the file you are looking for.

Using GoogleSnips

When creating GoogleSnips, I decided to make it simple yet advanced (you must be saying huh right now). Yes there is only 1 search box and a couple of radio buttons to click on, but GoogleSnips supports multiple entries for advanced searches. Multiple entries can be separated by a comma. Let me explain through examples (I will use song search for the following sample examples)...

Currently support up to 5 entries (I doubt that you will get any results when typing 5 entries, because the search will look for directories containing all 5 entries). You can stick with 2 entries to find a specific song form your favorite band! Remember multiple entry searches are supported for all searches, so you may search for an album from a specific artist, etc...

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch with me for any reason, don't hesitate to . Emails regarding search features, broken features, or regarding advertising on GoogleSnips are always welcome. Emails regarding how great this site is are also welcome!

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